A Hybrid World, Athlo And The Future Of Fitness



In the past decade, technology has led to several innovations in the fitness industry. We’ve seen virtual reality used to simulate climbing Everest and exoskeletons that help paralyzed people move their limbs. Most notably, we’ve seen fitness trackers come onto the scene.

These devices are worn like a watch or on the wrist and measure data like heart rate and calories burned during exercise. Athlo, an app focused on the fitness industry, was created to help people track and measure their activities. The app allows users to easily record and measure their overall training, food intake, and workout goals.

Athlo Founder Matthew Mansell was inspired to create the app after wanting to know more about his exercise routine. According to Mansell, his initial goal was to develop an app that taught users how to track their workout data and motivate them to achieve their goals. Mansell also wanted to make tracking data more user-friendly than past fitness apps. “I think it’s always been more challenging for people – especially when you’re just starting,” said Matthew Mansell.

According to Matthew Mansell, the product’s easy-to-use interface helps new users easily measure and track their exercise routines, which keeps them motivated and engaged. Overall, the Athlos app is designed to be a comprehensive fitness platform that helps users track their nutrition, workouts, and overall activity in one place.

Some features contributing to Athlo’s growth include daily reminders of goals, progress reports, and social sharing capabilities with friends. Furthermore, Athlo users can also earn badges for reaching certain goals – like running a certain distance or eating certain foods – which provides additional motivation toward fitness goals. The next fitness unicorn is here. With Athlos apps, users can now easily track their daily activities, exercise routines, and food intake from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, users can also share and compare their progress with friends and family via social media platforms. Visit this page for related information.


More about Mansell on https://techround.co.uk/interviews/matthew-mansell-athlo/


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