Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an entrepreneur with experience in the energy sector. He earned economics and business administration degrees from Suffolk University in Massachusetts. His managerial abilities have developed due to managing several firms, increasing his demand.

One of his greatest investments in 2016 was in the Hawkers Sunglasses company. The company is a Spanish brand recognized for eco-friendly and affordable sunglasses. When Hawkers Company began its operations, it was experiencing some financial and ideological strain. This was making it hard to sell its sunglasses.

They engaged Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to manage the business’ finances to boost sales. After joining the entity, Alejandro Betancourt first made funding amounting to $56 million. Other investors were Felix Ruiz and Hugo Arevalo. Initially, the firm’s founders started with $300 in 2013. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez recommended that the company use Facebook and Instagram to market the glasses.

Many people who wore the glasses were young people who also use social media the most. This tactic led to a significant decrease in marketing costs compared to traditional marketing techniques. Twitter also used the Hawkers company for a case study, increasing its awareness. Betancourt advised the company also to target college students and focus on influencers on social media. Influencers commonly have a larger following; it is easier to convince a person to buy something when they see a famous person advertising it.

In 2017 Betancourt increased his funding to Hawkers. He added $21.7 million. Due to his familiarity with information technology concepts, Alejandro Betancourt and his wife developed Topio networks. The company is one of the biggest data suppliers in the world. He believes taking care of your customers is the key to business success. He struggled to launch and grow his company, but he was persistent. He is humble and disciplined in all his endeavors.

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