Alejandro Betancourt is more than simply a rich and well-educated businessman. The Suffolk University grad holds undergraduate degrees in business admin and economics. Betancourt is the Head of the Company and the creator of the O’Hara Administration, an assets management firm. Alejandro Betancourt was appointed President of Hawkers just a few months later.

O’Hara committed another $20 million to the company in 2018, establishing Alejandro Betancourt as the largest stakeholder with over 50% control of the company’s assets. The company is currently recognized for producing high-quality, low-cost sunglasses with advanced polarized lenses.

With such a high-quality product, Hawkers, led by Alejandro Betancourt, has been free to pursue marketing possibilities that other companies may never have. His latitude has given him free rein to utilize his talents in ways that give the company the greatest possibility for success.

Others were bribed to publish a photo of themselves wearing the thriving company’s eyewear on social media and influencers were permitted to provide promotions on Hawkers items to their followers. Some students even shared their selfies on social media platforms, which was a great advertisement for the brand.

In fact, the company’s success may be attributed in significant part to its shrewd use of social media and the internet to advertise and sell its goods. The company’s eyewear is offered online in around 90% of cases.

Hawkers currently sell thousands of shades per day and generate more than $100 million in revenue each year. Thanks to the investment and contribution of Betancourt, the Hawkers’ brand will continue to thrive for years to come. Go Here for related Information.