Today, Hawkers is perceived as a very competitive organization in the eyewear business. Several years ago, the company was struggling and was not seen as a major threat by the established organizations. However, several years down the line, the company has drastically changed and is currently threatening the peace that the leading organizations have been enjoying for very many years. So, what makes Hawkers a competitive organization in the eyewear production and selling industry?

Obviously, the first aspect that has been very effective in the operations of the company is the change of leadership. Hawkers has been struggling to have an influence in the market because it did not have the right leaders. The people who were given the responsibility to run the organization were not putting the right strategies and policies in place to help in the progress of the business. However, the presence of Alejandro Betancourt at the company seems to have changed everything. Besides the addition of Alejandro Betancourt as the leader of the company, it is essential to indicate that this organization has enhanced the quality of the products that it has been offering. Alejandro Betancourt has made sure that the organization has been working hard to ensure that the business is offering quality products. The company has made sure that it is only willing to sell the best products as a means of rewarding the customers who have remained loyal to the organization.

Alejandro Betancourt is also changing the way the company has been marketing its products in the market. That is why the company has been very effective in creating awareness of the products it has been offering into the market. This is something that has been very effective in pushing the well-being of the company to another level in the market. It is common knowledge that successful organizations are those that have been using professional marketing strategies.

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