Barry Lall Director Of AYO Fitness

Barry Lall is a personal trainer with a combined 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Previously, Barry was a corporate manager, health club manager, and personal trainer.

Barry Lall is a personal head trainer at AYO Fitness and Spa at The Westin Sydney Hotel. Before this role, he was head coach of the Australian rowing team for international competitions for three years.

Barry has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, including “Australian Women’s Health” and “Sydney Morning Herald.”

Barry also authorizes the “Six Week Six Pack” DVD series. The DVDs are available online at and in stores nationally.

In 2009, Barry Lall won the “Oxygen Fitness Equipment Dealer of the Year” award for contributing to health and fitness in Australia. Oxygen Magazine, one of Australia’s leading health and fitness magazines, awarded him this accolade.

Barry lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and two sons and runs a personal training business called AYO Fitness. He is also finishing up a Bachelor of Business degree from Macquarie University to further his career development.

Barry Lall is the founder and director of AYO Fitness. As an industry pioneer, he developed a new fitness franchise system to train clients in private studio studios within Australia’s most prestigious hotels. AYO is a fitness franchise for those wishing to train with the fitness leader Barry.

The basis of AYO Fitness is combining Barry Lall’s 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and his knowledge of what works from following his clients’ results around the world to develop a unique training approach for clients looking to get fitter and healthier through good core strength as well as improving their posture, flexibility and body control.

The AYO studios are designed for a specific clientele to provide clients with personal attention by Barry Lall. The studios have also been designed to help clients relax, enabling them to achieve their fitness goals in a healthy and friendly environment.

As the founder and director of AYO Fitness, Barry has committed 100% of his time and energy into building a sustainable business that will provide quality and consistent services across Australia.

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