Colcom Foundation: Impact on the Communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Colcom Foundation, located in southwestern Pennsylvania, believes in philanthropic tradition by supporting cultural projects. The foundation supports women’s reproductive freedoms and promotes dialogue that enhances sustainable immigration policy.

Colcom Foundation works nationally to support and address concerns about the Sixth Mass Extinction around human overpopulation. Its focus is improving the environment and supporting the community’s rich cultural beliefs.

The foundation works in multiple locations in Southwestern Pennsylvania, such as Westmoreland, Greene, Indiana, Allegheny, Beaver, Armstrong, Washington., Somerset, Fayette, Butler, Lawrence, and Cambria. It has an interest in making the region a better place. The foundation’s focus includes funding, immigration, family planning, conservation, education, and media.

The organization also works with Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services to provide legal help within the community. The services target those affected by regional environmental challenges such as fracking. Colcom Foundation ensures that the local community benefits from its services to improve the quality of life for individuals in different communities in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Community and economic development is another key element that the foundation works on to enhance and protect the natural beauty of southwestern Pennsylvania. The organization believes that community and economic development enhances and promotes the social and environmental well-being of the different communities within the state.

Family planning is another key component that Colcom Foundation focuses on to reduce birth rates globally. It provides methodologies to prevent unplanned and unwanted births. The Foundation provides education through mass media to educate people about birth control measures and their impact on the community.

Education is also another key sector that the foundation supports. Through the Touchstone Center for Crafts’ Summer Internship Program, the foundation supports students in learning operations and studio management as they grow their skills and work with reputable artists nationwide.

Additionally, regarding public safety, the foundation and The American Red Cross Southwestern Pennsylvania provide relief to locals after disasters. See this page for additional information.


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