Damien Granderson an excellent negotiator in business

Damien Granderson has a long history of successfully representing clients in their legal matters, with a proven track record of numerous successful negotiations. 

He attended Albany Law School, where he started his career as an entertainment lawyer. He has also played a role as a partner at Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes. The Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes partnership worked on music industry matters.


These, ranging from album releases and soundtrack production to brand licensing and structuring as Damien Granderson recalls. The entertainment attorney has a wide range of experience and expertise unrivaled in his industry. He has gained recognition for being a highly successful attorney who can provide invaluable advice and counsel to his clients. 


In addition to managing a record label and artist contracts, entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson handles other aspects of his clients’ careers. This, such as brand endorsements and endorsement deals for celebrities such as H.E.R., Timbaland, Young Thug, and others. His firm, which he co-founded with a long-time friend, Guy Blake, primarily focuses on enforcing intellectual property rights.  His community includes giving a chance to upcoming legal students.


This, for them to successfully and entirely work on real-life cases by offering them paid opportunities in their firm. As a renowned law school graduate of Albany Law School, Damien Granderson has a pedigree well respected by other lawyers and judges. As an attorney, he has a vast talent for understanding laws, which is invaluable to his clients, considering the vast range of his legal services. 


His firm has an in-depth understanding of intellectual property issues and can assist its clients in copyright infringement, trademark infringement, patent infringement, and trade secret protection. Damien Granderson has been praised for being an excellent negotiator who can achieve the best outcome by presenting the required evidence and winning the case. His firm focuses on protecting emerging brands that are targeted by copyright trolls.

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