Guy Blake and Damien Granderson met and saw the need of establishing a law firm in New York that is one of its kind. The entertainment lawyer and Blake are legal experts who are recognized not only in New York but the whole of America. The two attorneys have served for various law firms in the country. 


Damien and Guy met for the first time during their work and their meeting was not just usual; instead, they clicked and knew they could work together. During their meeting, he was serving at Koch Entertainment while Guy was an attorney at Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes. Later Damien moved to work together with Guy at Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes before creating their own legal company.


The legal professionals sat down and together they decided to launch a law firm that served customers with a broad range of law services in New York and beyond. Led by Damien Granderson, the entertainment law firm would give its clients an opportunity to have different lawyers who will handle different law challenges. 


Through hard work and commitment, Blake and the lawyer launched the law organization in New York and they are working with other legal experts who are giving the client’s quality legal services. Damien Granderson adds that the firm has been existing for over two years now. The New York based law group does not only serve high profile individuals with law services but as well as international and local companies. 

Damien Granderson explains that the firm has gone far beyond all expectations. The firm provides services to a wide range of sectors including sports, media, entertainment, health and fitness as well as food and beverage sectors. Besides being the top legal firm in the region offering the best legal services, the organization also works with young lawyers. Blake and his team offer legal internships to upcoming lawyers.