Distinguished Entrepreneur, Wes Edens, Expresses Optimism on the Advancement of the Brightline High-Speed Rail Project

The co-CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens, has expressed optimism about the beginning of the Brightline railway project. He notes that the plans are solid, and he expects to break ground as soon as possible. The approval process has progressed well, and everything is in place. He has described the progress made so far as phenomenal. Mr. Edens has credited politicians and transportation officials for fast-tracking the plan that allows the project access to interstate 15 from Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga, California. Brightline has received millions of dollars in funding from both California and Nevada as well as the U.S. government.

Wes Edens is hopeful that the project will also pull funding from the private activity bonds. He notes that tax-exempt funding would be a significant boost to the project. He also remains positive that the bipartisan bill, signed into law by the president, could help in financing the project. While awaiting the Federal Railroad Administration to approve the environmental review, the experienced businessman believes that the Brightline project is one of the most environmentally friendly projects across the country.

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Wes Edens highlights that Brightline has made tremendous success operating the Florida line stating that this should be an example of the quality of service Brightline will offer in the new project. The renowned CEO values high-quality services and has assured the use of quality infrastructure in the project in order to allow people to enjoy Brightline’s services. Wes Edens has also brought to light that the project will provide employment to thousands of people in the area. In addition, the project is estimated to yield an economic impact to the tune of billions of dollars. He notes that the project can be the Hoover Dam of this generation. With the project’s planning going on for over a decade, Wes Edens states that the time is now, and the project will advance soon enough.

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