Edgard Corona and His Smart Fit Empire

Edgard Corona started out working in his family’s business as a chemist. He was trained as one in college. Then, he decided to branch out by working on starting a gym business. Eventually, Edgard Corona ended up making the business Smart Fit. His idea behind many of his businesses such as Smart Fit was that many people wanted access to gyms. Previously, Edgard Corna realized that people wanted access to gyms rather than just those who worked in the large cities.

By expanding access to these businesses outside of just the significant businesses, Edgard corona got a lot more business. He didn’t initially know a lot about these businesses, but his philosophy was to learn by doing. Edgard knew that he would likely learn about the businesses simply by jumping into them. If he just tried planning everything out ahead of time, then he probably wouldn’t know as much in the end by simply doing it and learning from his mistakes and more

It’s also likely that he would end up wasting a lot of time. It’s unlikely anything would go the way he had initially planned. However, if he just jumped into it, finding the right way of doing everything would likely come to him much more naturally. Plus it would allow him to pick up a lot while he’s getting it done instead of having a lot of extra steps.

The other thing that Edgard highly believes in is hard work. This allows him to get ahead of the crowd by putting the work in. If he does everything he needs to do, then he should be able to get his businesses where he wants them to be then what would happen otherwise? Figuring out what people want and then giving them that, it’s a surefire way to get ahead.

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