Edgard Corona is a renowned entrepreneur in the fitness industry. Despite being a chemical engineer, he decided to venture into the fitness business by starting Bio Ritmo in 1996. Currently, Edgard Corona serves as the CEO of both SmartFit group and Bio Ritmo, and his proficiency in the fitness industry has seen SmartFit dominate the Latin American market – Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Chile. The creation of SmartFit is one of his most outstanding achievements since the fitness company has grown over the years to become the 4th largest globally.

As a college student, Edgard Corona abandoned his materials analysis laboratory to start his career in the business world since he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started his journey in the fitness world by selling his businesses and partnering with other investors to create a gym, which later became the founding academy. His desire to see his dream come true forced him to quit working in the family sugar mill in São Paulo, which allowed him to focus on building the academy. Errors and challenges characterized the founding of the gym, but after 12 years of adaptation and redesigning, the company started making profits.

Through hiring different professionals in the industry, Edgard Corona and his partners helped Bio Ritmo grow in Brazil to reach eight units. However, the centralized and hierarchical strategy did not work for long since more gyms were built that required close attention. He was then forced to switch from a centralized model of operation to delegation to run all the units efficiently. He ensured that the workforce was committed to helping the company grow by challenging them to work hard and learn from their mistakes. Despite the entry of other fitness businesses in the Latin American market, he believes that his company will grow and reach 1200 units because of the unique and effective model. To learn more visit: here.