Edgard Corona is an innovator and businessman, who overcame many barriers. His talents and technical know-how helped him build an impressive group with two chains of 800 branches. He overcame the difficult business environment of the 1990s and came to the country in 1995, when he launched the Corona chain.

When Edgard started the company, he had no idea of the sector. The entrepreneur was a chemical engineer who ran a sugar-milling business in his country of origin. He had no idea how to start a business in a new country and didn’t have much of an idea of the sector. But he had a vision, and two qualities. Edgard liked to work with others, and he had a great taste for fitness.

In October 2016, Edgard Corona launched the first gyms with FitConnect, a new innovation that allows the owners to open the app on the Smartfit channel of the internet and monitor the movements of the client, along with the visits of the trainers and the progress of the workout. In addition, it also saves and records the exercise program and can send a notification to the trainer if a problem occurs. He realized that this solution is necessary to modernize the sector. For example, it can offer the possibility of activating the lights in a virtual version of the gym, depending on the fitness program.

Blessed with vision and determination, Edgard’s journey was hard and full of difficulties. Today, the entrepreneur counts 40 years of experience in this sector. It all started in 1982 when Edgard Corona, a single 30-year-old, founded Bio Ritmo. In a nutshell, what does Bio Ritmo mean? Well, it is all about making your health and physical and mental fitness a priority.

What is the “bio” part? It means “natural” and “fit”. “It means taking a deep look in our environment: what we are eating, drinking and listening to,” explained Edgard. As a passionate sportsman and adventure sports enthusiast, Edgard Corona had developed an interest in developing a chain of health clubs.

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