Evan Rubinson is the LEADER of ERA Music Brands, a company that has operated for over 20 years. Evan is also the Founder of Koroit Capital, a company designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with investing and coaching. The company has been in operation for around three years now. Rubinson uses his experience and expertise from running two successful companies to help entrepreneurs learn how to start their businesses in this new startup economy.


Rubinson and his partner, Chiron Pappas, successfully built a multi-million dollar company in the toy industry. They started with $5,000, generating over US$100,000 monthly revenue with a highly profitable internet business. The success of their first venture inspired him to start ERA Music Brands in the first place. “I was motivated by our success as we started this very large-scale new venture into the music marketing and retail arena,” said Rubinson.


Rubinson has been working in the music industry since 1988, starting as a musician and doing gigs in various venues such as rock clubs, malls, and concerts. He eventually started his own music tech company that dealt with investing in the music industry. There, he met many people who supported him through his early business ventures, including other entrepreneurs who had been around for about 20 years at that point.


ERA Music develops and licenses music for use in online and retail media. The company has many clients, including Walmart, Vans, ABC Television Network, and many other large companies that work with the entertainment industry.

Evan Rubinson’s first venture, Music Tech, was a software company that dealt with music licensing and investing. In 1996 he took the company public, and by 2000 it had sold over $1 million in equity. Read more about Evan Rubinson on JUSTIA Trademarks


Rubinson’s firm creates high-quality music tracks for portfolio companies to help them get in touch with publishers and licensing companies. The company also makes music that is used in commercials and movies. ERA Music Brands is great at generating revenue. They have created a very good process for their artists to follow to get their music into the right hands.


Their business model only invests in people with a proven track record of success in the music industry. They are not interested in partnerships with unknown entities, as this could be a risk for their business and their investors. Their service has been very efficient in the past, and they can get their artists a lot of gigs. It takes them less than two months to find an agreement with clients, and they have seen their clients make thousands of dollars per month from royalties.


Rubinson has several business partnerships to expand his company’s reach and provide new opportunities for his artists. Some of these partnerships include the joint venture with Walmart Stores Inc. of Walmart Music and with Vans of Vans Music. The joint venture with Vans has been particularly successful, as they have created over 800 million impressions on their network in the past year.


Evan Rubinson says the best thing about the music business is its diverse nature, which allows him to work with so many different types of people. The music industry can sometimes be very competitive, but fortunately, it offers great networking opportunities. Rubinson has learned a lot in his career, and he thinks it is up to everyone to take advantage of that learning and use that experience in their businesses.


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