Everything You Need To Know About Ross Cameron, the Founder of Warrior Trading

Ross Cameron is the founder of Warrior Trading. He is a well-known figure in the day trading community and has been featured in numerous media outlets.


His Life and Family


Cameron is married, and he is a father to two sons. He likes playing tennis, sailing, riding his mountain bike, and working on classic cars in his free time (Podcasts).


When Did He Realize He Liked Trading?


Ross’s interest in trading began in the 5th or 6th grade. This was after he realized that his great-great uncle had made a fortune in the stock market and his descendants were still enjoying the wealth he had created for them. When the business leader was in 7th grade, his school rolled out an interactive semester on the stock market that included a trip to New York City. This was a memorable experience for Ross Cameron, and it further fueled his interest in the stock market. However, he didn’t create a trading account until 2001.


His Journey Through Life

Trading Expert Ross Cameron

Ross Cameron ended up studying to become a teacher, but his interest in trading was rekindled after he received $100,000 from his father’s estate. He also had a friend who made around $16k from trading stocks. This also helped reignite his interest in trading.


Warrior Trading


In 2012, business expert Ross Cameron used his programming skills to create Warrior Trading, which has since grown into a thriving community of traders. The platform offers educational courses and trading chat rooms for traders. Their educational courses cover things such as risk management and technical analysis strategies.

In conclusion, the business leader is a financial mentor for the modern age, using his experience and insights to help others succeed in finance and trading. Ross Cameron´s commitment to risk management, disciplined trading strategies, and long-term success make him a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the markets and how to succeed as a trader or investor.

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