Greg Blatt: From A Directionless Youth To C.E.O

Greg R. Blatt was raised in Weston, which is a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. His father was a management consultant and exporter, while his mother was a therapist. Blatt learned a lot from his father who he described as a “mad genius with an opinion on everything”. Blatt learned the importance of independent thinking, trusting your gut, and ensuring that your voice is heard.

It is February 2009 and Greg Blatt is set to border a plane from New York City to Dallas, Texas. He was going to run whose parent company is IAC (InterActivCorp). Now, Greg Blatt had spent around five years at IAC serving in two positions – general counsel and executive vice president.

IAC had acquired a decade earlier i.e. in 1999. was one of the first modern dating sites to go live on the Internet. However, in recent years, it had seen its revenue and subscriber base stagnate. When IAC was acquiring, Blatt was working as a general counsel at Martha Stewart Living Ominedia. He thought that he could use this position to find a way to get into the entertainment industry.

This made him get heavily involved in every aspect of business at Martha Stewart Living. Blatt worked at Martha Stewart Living for four and a half years before moving on to IAC. It was no surprise that IAC had a wider scope, given that it was a massive company that held a huge conglomerate of companies.

With that said, IAC helped Greg Blatt acquire much-needed experience to become chief executive officer of Blatt worked at for a couple of years before going back to IAC. Barry Diller, IAC’s longtime CEO and chairman was stepping down. But before he could do that, he phoned Blatt to take his role as the company’s CEO.

The career trajectory of Greg Blatt is described as a whirlwind journey that is far from over. His move from being a directionless youth to a corporate lawyer to a chief executive officer was definitely not calculated. Instead, it was about Blatt being ready to take opportunities presented to him. See this page for additional information.


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