Gregg Blatt’s View Of Office Politics

One could argue that the present political situation in the United States is one of the tensest in history. Even in the last five years, there has been a significant shift in the types of actions businesses are willing or expected to take. This suggests that corporate activism has increased exponentially over the last 20 years.

Part of this is that more people want more open workplaces. Because people are becoming more interested in this topic, stakeholders are increasingly using social media to express their dissatisfaction with how and why the companies they support do business with third parties.

When it comes to workplace politics, leaders have never had it easy; this has only gotten worse in recent years. When you take a stand, it is unlikely that everyone with a vested interest in the outcome will support you.

When asked why Michael Jordan didn’t get involved in politics, Greg Blatt said, “Republicans buy sneakers too.” This was a common question posed to Jordan in the 1980s and 1990s “It was a great summary of what I believe is the typical corporate leader’s view of politics: that they can do whatever political activities they want for themselves.

Greg’s Work History

Greg is an excellent example of the way that expert leadership can help to drive the success of a business. Throughout his impressive career history, Greg Blatt has been successful in the creation of marketing strategies that have driven the brands he has involved himself in.

Greg Blatt worked as a general counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia before becoming the same job at the American holding company InterActivCorp, where he was a key part of the company’s public relations efforts (IAC).

Greg Blatt later became CEO of IAC and all of its subsidiaries, which include, Match Group, and Tinder. Taking political stands on behalf of a company is a very risky thing to do. While a company has many of the same legal rights as a person, a corporation is a separate legal entity in the business world.

The political views of different people on the same executive team can be very different. Customers, workers, the board of directors, and investors are also important people to consider.” See related link to learn more.


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