The insurance industry guru, Heath Ritenour, has had quite a tremendous career as a business leader. He became the CEO of the Insurance Office of America (IOA) in 2008, and in 2019, he took over its board of directors as the chairman. His outstanding leadership has seen the insurance brokerage emerge as the digital technology trailblazer in its industry, thanks to the launch of the SimplyIOA digital platform. This platform allows individuals to compare and purchase home and auto insurance online or over a phone call in minutes. IOA’s success over the last decade has led it to be recognized as Number #11 on the prestigious 2020 Top 50 Commercial Lines Agencies list by Insurance Journal. Away from business, the IOA CEO went on to open up about personal battles and philanthropy in a recent interview.

Battling cancer and raising awareness

In 2015, Heath Ritenour was diagnosed with cancer, which was entirely unexpected for him as he was in his 40s and lived a healthy and active life. Luckily for him, the ailment was discovered in the early stages, which meant better chances that it could be managed with chemotherapy and surgery. Unlike many other business leaders diagnosed with life-threatening ailments, the IOA CEO made his condition public and started a personal campaign to raise awareness. This campaign led many members of his staff and the business community to go for cancer screening leading to some having their ailments discovered early.

Turning success to philanthropy

Throughout his career, Heath Ritenour has also set an example for other professionals and business leaders on the value of philanthropy. From early on, he set aside some of his time and resources to facilitate the philanthropic efforts of various charity organizations. Heath Ritenour said that now that he is a prosperous business leader, he engages in philanthropy on a grander scale.

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