According to Mitto’s current President, Ilja Gorelik, Mitto AG has an innovative new idea to help improve customer service in 2023. Mitto has a solution that can reduce the time it takes for customer service representatives to follow up with customers, speed up the resolution of customer complaints and improve overall customer satisfaction.


  1. Mitto and the State of Customer Experience

Ilja Gorelik says that customer service today is a mess. Getting people the help they need can take days if a problem arises. This results in customers who are unhappy and frustrated. A cycle of inefficiency makes the customer experience much worse than it needs to be. Mitto thinks that there is a better way. He says that Mitto’s suite of services can turn customer service entirely on its head and make it a fantastic experience for both customers and businesses alike,


  1. Strategy for Improving Customer Service

Mitto AG has spent the past few years developing a new solution to this problem called HOPE (Human Optimization Program Engine). HOPE is a software program that can improve customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes to resolve customer service issues, speeding up the resolution of complaints and helping keep customers informed about their cases. At the same time, they are active, leading to happier customers and fewer repeat issues.


  1. Consumer Demands Are on the Rise

Mitto AG says that customers have higher and higher expectations. In the early 2000s, the goal was a 24-hour turnaround on any customer service issue. Now, customers are expecting a response within a few hours. Based on the predictions of IBM’s “Global CEO Study” and other industry analysts, this demand for speed will only continue to grow for years. The same study predicts that 60% of CEOs expect that customers will want a response to their concerns within the hour in just a few years.

Mitto AG has developed a new technology, HOPE, which they say can speed up customer service and reduce the time it takes to resolve customer service issues. HOPE will also allow businesses to provide better communication and feedback to customers to help improve their satisfaction.