Hughes Marino: Design of your Brand Image

Hughes Marino is a leading provider of service brokerage solutions to the commercial portfolio lease administration/advisory industry. We 

offer commercial portfolio lease administration/advisory expertise with no conflicts of interest and specialize exclusively in helping businesses develop effective strategies for their entire portfolio of space requirements. 


We ensure clear communication between our client and their broker, providing a seamless experience for both parties. Our team has vast experience working alongside companies across a variety of industries. Our only goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. One of the country’s leading commercial portfolio lease administration/advisory firms, our success at Hughes Marino comes from providing our clients with superior service and innovative solutions.


We achieve this through creative commercial property strategies and ways of thinking about portfolio lease administration/advisory. We help our clients build brand image, increase revenue, achieve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Our team members at Hughes Marino are seasoned professionals who know how to identify critical areas where your company excels and find creative ways to capitalize on these strengths.


Our team of experts knows exactly how to renegotiate commercial lease agreements. When the time arises, we also know how to structure new ones if the business decides to move locations. We’ve worked with thousands of happy clients across all industries and all sizes throughout the last two decades of the 1990s, the Tech Wrecks, and the 2008 mortgage crash. Hughes Marino is up to now one of the most reliable representation firms in America.

We can advise you on your rights and options and help you through lease workouts, restructures, and subleases. Whether it’s your business that needs to relocate or you need to lower your monthly costs temporarily, our trusted tenant’s advisers will always have your interest at the front of mind when working with landlords to get you a better deal. For Hughes Marino, this is optional whether that means restructuring an existing agreement or creating a brand new one.

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