IM Academy: Digital forex education online

IM Academy is an independent education provider of Forex courses. Focusing solely on educating individuals about Forex, the company aims to provide unmatched, accessible, and interactive online learning for people interested in trading the foreign exchange market. IM Academy provides training for those looking to trade Forex or improve their skills.

IM Academy Products

The company’s main product is the academy series. The academies consist of four definite training programs on the IM.Academy website that a referral from an IM can easily access Academy customer or an IBO. Here are the academies:

  1. FRX Academy

IM Academy’s goal is to educate individuals on how to trade Forex. It covers the basic concepts of Forex trading, such as trading pairs, Forex rate movements, and how to set up entry and exit points. It also teaches how the Forex market works, how to choose the right broker, participate in the trading process, and other essentials of doing business with a Forex broker.

  1. HFX Academy

The is meant to teach people how to trade Forex using high-frequency trading strategies. It starts first with the fundamentals of high-frequency trading. The next step is to learn to analyze markets using high-frequency strategies, such as getting an edge over market movements using technical analysis and trading setups.

  1. DCX Academy

This Academy teaches people how to develop a trading system using digital currency. Students are introduced to the digital currency trading market, including the basics of digital currencies, types of digital currency trading, and how to trade in this market.

  1. ECX Academy

This Academy contains lessons on the fundamentals of e-commerce and the opportunities that this provides for entrepreneurs and business owners. It starts with the basics of e-commerce, including how to set up a business that sells online.

Elite Academy

This discounted bundle of the academies (FRX, HFX DCX, and ECX) provides substantial savings to students who purchase it.

The Academy provides more than just online education. It also hosts in-person coaching through its Elite Business Partners, which comprises people who have completed the academy series. Learn more about IM Academy with this page.

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