Look and Feel Your Best with Tieks: Our In-Depth Review

When it comes to finding shoes that look great but are comfortable and well-designed, Tieks is the go-to option. With their four styles of flats – classics, prints, patents, and vegan – shoppers can find just the right shoe style to fit their needs. Whether you need something timelessly chic or a fun pattern, Tieks has something for everyone to make them feel their best each day. And with their easy sizing system yet helpful customer service in case of an exchange, shoppers can purchase their perfect pair confidently.

The brand comes in whole sizes only, in women’s sizes 5-13, with no half sizes available. Depending on which foot tends to be larger when trying on other half-sized shoes at home, customers may size down or up to achieve the most comfortable fit possible. For those that choose not to follow this advice, exchange policies are available via email if any unease should linger after those first few days of getting used to your new shoes.

For regular care, leather polish on a sponge will do the trick for most styles offered by Tieks, while matte black requires spot treatment using a damp washcloth instead due to its more delicate nature. By understanding their importance when selecting your ideal style and abiding by best practices when cleaning your flats afterward, all wearers can effortlessly enjoy their purchase, whether it’s classic patent leather or something more adventurous like leopard print!

It would be best if you did so online through their boutique store to buy the shoes. These shoes are not sold in physical stores, like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, nor can they be purchased from third-party sites, such as Amazon or Zappos. If you’re looking for pre-owned items, purchase them on Poshmark or join some great Facebook groups where people buy, sell, and trade used Tieks.

The price of the shoes varies per style and design; vegan pairs begin at $185, while patent pairs start at $195. The print range between $185 to $295, while the most expensive designs (Aquarella) cost $345. Mini pairs are priced between 130 and 140 dollars each.

The company offers free shipping within the USA, although international customers may be charged a fee depending on the delivery country. Consider looking into services like Grabr that allow someone to bring you these shoes during their trips! Visit this page for related information.


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