Miki Agrawal Discusses Being a Mindful Entrepreneur

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneur, author, and social innovator known for her sustainability, women’s health, and social entrepreneurship ventures. She has founded notable companies like Thinx, Tushy, and Wild. But what sets Agrawal apart is her commitment to being a mindful entrepreneur. For Miki Agrawal, mindfulness is about being present, self-aware, and intentional in all aspects of her entrepreneurial journey. She states that it starts with self-reflection and a deep understanding of one’s values and purpose. Agrawal believes that by aligning her business ventures with her personal beliefs, she can create a more meaningful impact. She emphasizes the importance of making choices that align with her values and positively impact the world. Agrawal’s decisions are rooted in mindfulness and ethical considerations. As the founder of Tushy, a company that revolutionizes how we think about and experience hygiene. Agrawal has merged her passion for sustainability, wellness, and social entrepreneurship into a thriving business. Tushy, founded in 2015, is a company that aims to disrupt the way we approach toilet hygiene and promote sustainable practices. The company offers bidet attachments that can easily be installed in any standard toilet, providing a more hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper. With Tushy, Agrawal seeks to challenge societal norms and shift the conversation around hygiene while positively impacting the planet. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons from Miki Agrawal’s journey as a mindful entrepreneur. By prioritizing mindfulness, conscious decision-making, creating a supportive work culture, and practicing self-care, entrepreneurs can cultivate a more sustainable and purpose-driven approach to business. In conclusion, Miki Agrawal is an inspiring example of a mindful entrepreneur who has found success by aligning her values with her business ventures. By embracing mindfulness and incorporating it into every aspect of her entrepreneurial journey, she has created innovative products and services and contributed to a more conscious and compassionate business world.


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