Mitto is a customer experience management firm expanding an omnichannel strategy to reach customers through any channel they prefer. The article discusses the difficulty in integrating multiple channels and practices across your organization to make one cohesive customer experience. They also explore combining social media, email, and retail channels into the internet of things (IoT) alongside other technologies like mobile payments, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The necessity for an omnichannel customer experience management strategy is increasingly critical. The future business model is built on the customer’s relationship with companies and brands and must be supported by a current model that allows customers to interact in any channel they prefer. To execute this strategy, CX teams must coordinate across all channels they will use and integrate them into a cohesive whole. Mitto has been creating omnichannel strategies since 2011 and created the first-ever award-winning omnichannel retail plan in 2013.

The graph below shows the percentage of CX team members at firms with traditional strategies versus those with omnichannel strategies. Firms with omnichannel strategies have 2-3 times more CX team members than firms using a traditional strategy.

Mitto recognizes that the CX team’s primary objectives are to anticipate and discover novel insights about customers’ evolving desires, requirements, and preferences. The initiatives are “to work in a multi-disciplined way, ingesting information from multiple sources, structuring it into a consumable form, and providing quick access to it via an intuitive user interface.”

One of Mitto’s customers relies on its partners to forge strategic relationships to leverage their collective strengths and expertise. A partnership with a leading data science firm provides customers access to a broader range of data sources (e.g., sales, marketing, web traffic) and services (e.g., predictive analytics, AI).

Mitto also communicates with its customers through an online forum that provides multiple channels for customer feedback, including text, photos, videos, and stories. It is effective as it allows them to build ongoing relationships that extend beyond a single transaction and builds their investment in the brand.