Raffaele Riva is a successful financial expert and consultant. He has been quoted in several newspapers for his take on investment opportunities. His expertise ranges from small businesses to institutional investing, and he has a wide range of experience in the financial services sector.

Raffaele Riva was born in Italy, and his rise in the business world has been phenomenal. He has an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science with honors in Mathematics from California Polytechnic State University. Before graduating, he had earned spending money as a tutor at both Cal Poly and UC Berkeley.

He teaches part-time at Santa Clara University and is also known to write articles on investment trends for several publications read by professional investors, such as Investor’s Business Daily and Forbes. His firm, Riva Financial, advises start-ups seeking venture capital funding and established companies looking for new markets to expand into or opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. Riva Financial works with clients on a worldwide basis.

Raffaele Riva’s best-selling book “The Storm Before the Calm” (Island Press, 2004) was hailed by the Library Journal as one of “the ten best investing books of the year.”

He is also the author of “Investing for Dummies” (Wiley, 2008), which has become a perennial best-seller and is now in its tenth edition. Raffaele Riva has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal several times for his take on investment opportunities and numerous periodicals such as Investor’s Business Daily and Forbes. He is often invited to speak at conferences and seminars on investing topics. He was a founding faculty member at Santa Clara University, where he teaches part-time. He has authored numerous articles on investment trends for well-known publications, including Investor’s Business Daily and Forbes.

The world of financial investments can be both exciting and confusing; however, with the insights that Raffaele Riva shares, you will quickly understand the basics and gain confidence in your ability to make wise investment decisions. This book is filled with financial advice that you can put into practice right away and will help you build a successful portfolio. Refer to this article for additional information.


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