Ron Gutman Help’s Ukraine COVID-19 Threat

Ron Gutman is a Co-founder and Co-President at Intrivo, a health technology establishment based in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Stanford University, where he led graduate students and various faculty to research how to increase health engagement among patients and people and personalized health. 


Ron Gutman has founded multiple organizations, including Festihealth, Live Long & Flourish Club, HealthApp, and Wellsphere. He has also served in various advisory roles such as the Stanford Medicine X, Rock Health, KPMG, and Harvard Medical School’s SMArt Initiative, among others.


How Ron Gutman Has Assisted in the Fight against the Russian Invasion


Ron Gutman is among the healthcare experts concerning the current war. The Russian invaded Ukraine during the COVID-19 pandemic. This attack led to the surge of COVID as millions were displaced from their homes. Gutman says the Ukrainians were keen to defend their freedom.


And they achieved this by not following the Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore, he figured out how to assist this situation; his establishment, Intrivo, manufactures CVID-19 test kits and platforms that enable hospitals to find a COVID array and isolate the infected people. Ron Gutman is in charge of the distribution and delivery of these COVID-19 test kits in Ukraine´s refugee camps.

Ron Gutman donated $1 million worth of COVID-19 testing kits, hardware, and software to several hospitals in Ukraine. The healthcare expert says during his trip to Ukraine, he noticed that most hospitals lacked essentials such as IT equipment, which monitors the flow of patients. He is therefore recruiting other healthcare setups ready to join him on his next visit to Ukraine to deliver more products to the struggling hospitals in Ukraine.

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