The Brave Accomplishment Of André Des Rochers

André Des Rochers is the founder and managing director of André L. Des Rochers, PLLC. He is based in Beverly Hills, California, and New York City and has a more than 20-year history of providing legal counsel in entertainment matters to celebrities and high-profile executives. He was also one of the founding members of the firm’s Entertainment Practice Group. 


André Des Rochers is an expert in the field of entertainment law, with a special focus on film production, music licensing, and intellectual property litigation. The lawyer is also an experienced litigator and knows to handle the most complicated cases relating to business and personal matters. As a Hollywood lawyer, Des Rochers has represented many of the top names in the entertainment industry. 


His clients’ diverse backgrounds include the late actor James Garner, singer Taylor Dayne, actress Lauren Holly, and author Christine Lagorio-Chafkin. Film and television producer Stan Berkowitz also credits André Des Rochers for helping their litigation against News Corporation over their film “Gotti.” 


Des Rochers has also worked with several major record labels, helping them secure licensing rights for their songs and volumes. Entertainment attorney André Des Rochers negotiates and drafts contracts to protect his client’s rights. He has assisted clients with merchandising, film production, and music publishing legalities (Screendaily). 


He is not afraid to take on large corporations when he believes they are in the wrong, such as with his involvement in a lawsuit involving the NFL Football League (NFL). NFL sued him and other entertainment lawyers for filing copyright infringement lawsuits against NFL Films. André Des Rochers explains that the complaint stated that the football league was engaged in “frivolous litigation” and had “attempted to intimidate” Des Rochers by threatening to sue him if he sent any more letters and demanded an apology.

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