Vik Bansal, Green Advocate

An article entitled, “Australian Executive Vik Bansal Poised To Increase Stakeholder Value For the Third Time with Boral CEO Appointment”, building a sustainable future for the world will be impossible without finding a way to utilize technology and pave ways for innovation and sustainability. Bansal talked about sustainability –  the environment is certainly a massive piece of the puzzle but it is a much bigger than just the environment,” said Bansal. “Sustainability must be considered for all of the other stakeholders”.

InfraBuild CEO Vik Bansal is a world-renowned architect and entrepreneur. His company, InfraBuild, is a large and prominent construction company operating for 25 years. InfraBuild specializes in the design of commercial buildings and works with green building materials like solar panels to decrease their carbon footprint.

The company’s headquarters is located in the heart of Chicago at LaSalle Street Station. As CEO, he manages all project budgets, including marketing and government contracts, and all business operations. In addition to his role as CEO of InfraBuild, he is also the principal of Bansal Design, a top architectural firm based in Chicago that various organizations have recognized for its incredible work.

Bansal is a strong advocate of green building and has been recognized for his efforts for future projects. He has implemented “green” technologies in over 20 major building projects in the Chicagoland area and is always looking for ways to integrate more green technology into future buildings. His company has recently started to focus on other construction areas, including road, tunnel, and highway design.

To achieve this goal, Bansal has begun to look for new partners. He is one of four advisory board members for the Clean Energy Coalition, an organization aimed at “advancing cleaner energy technologies and creating more jobs in Illinois.” The organization comprises local and regional companies that form loose partnerships with universities, government agencies, and private entities to develop new forms of green technologies.

Vik Bansal InfraBuild is a very active member of the Chicago area community as well. He has been a board member of the AIA Heart of Illinois, which helps promote local architecture and urban design projects, for over two decades. In addition, he has served on numerous other boards throughout Illinois, including The Chicago Zoological Society and the Francis W. Parker School Board.

Those who know Bansal say he has the resources and skills to give InfraBuild a new and unprecedented level of success. He is a fantastic leader with a strong work ethic, a good reputation, and an incredible eye for design and business. Visit this page for more information.


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