To successfully run a football club, one must be passionate about the sport. However, as Gino Pozzo has revealed, the business aspect is also crucial. Gino Pozzo is keen to notice changes in the football world and no longer buys clubs because he feels an emotional connection. He now considers how to make money from the multi-million-dollar football industry.

With Watford FC, Pozzo seems to be on the right track, as he is already making money with the English Premier League club. The Pozzo club ownership model centers on trading players among the family clubs and recruiting top talent. This model was introduced to Watford FC during the first season under Pozzo before new regulations limited such practices.

Although Watford Football Club has had many coaches, the club’s CEO Scott Duxbury maintains that they have supported all the managers they’ve hired. After many years of wallowing in debt and struggling in the lower divisions, Watford needed a change. There is no denying that Gino Pozzo was the solution to the club. His strategies have proven effective, and Duxbury bears witness to this.

One of the remarkable things about Watford is that they do not rely on one individual, especially in the player recruitment sector. In case a coach leaves the club for whatever reason, they want the next coach to find a stable framework. This strategy was essential to helping Watford return to the EPL after nearly four decades of absence. Gino Pozzo has recruited top players to the clubs he has owned, including Watford.

Gino Pozzo is committed to the Hornets. He demonstrated this when he turned down a lucrative offer from Prolific Media, who had offered to buy some of his shares in the football club. Pozzo’s love for football has been a key factor in his success at Watford. He keeps abreast with the team’s development and even attends their training sessions. In 2019 Talksport ranked him at number four among the best football club owners. This was partly because of his unprecedented success after only three seasons at Watford. See this article to learn more.


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