Yubo to Facial Age Estimation to Use Verify User Age

Popular social networking app, Yubo, has announced its decision to use facial age estimation to verify the age of all its users. The move aims to improve the platform’s safety and ensure that underage users are not exposed to harmful content.

The app has faced criticism for its lack of age verification measures, with many concerns raised over the potential for underage users to be targeted by predators. However, Yubo’s new age verification process, which will use artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate a user’s age based on their facial features, is expected to address these concerns.

According to Yubo, facial age estimation technology has been developed in collaboration with leading AI experts and has an accuracy rate of around 98%. The technology will verify the age of all new and existing users. Those identified as potentially underage are required to provide additional verification, such as ID documents or parental consent.

Yubo’s new age verification process is set to be rolled out in stages, with users in France, the UK, and the US is the first to undergo the verification process. The company has stated that it plans to expand the process to other countries in the coming months.

While some have welcomed Yubo’s decision to introduce age verification measures, others have raised concerns over the accuracy of facial age estimation technology. Critics argue that the technology can be unreliable and may unfairly flag some users as potentially underage, leading to further discrimination.

Despite these concerns, Yubo has assured users that the facial age estimation technology will only be used to verify user age and that the app will collect or store no additional data. The company has also stated that it will continue to work with AI experts to improve the accuracy and reliability of the technology.

In summary, Yubo decision to introduce facial age estimation technology to verify user age is a positive step towards improving the platform’s safety and protecting underage users. However, whether the technology will effectively identify underage users without unfairly flagging others remains to be seen

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