Zaxby’s is Making Noise with Larger Rewards For Its Loyal Customer Base

Zaxby’s is what is sometimes called a quick-service restaurant. Many people may be more familiar with the term “fast food.” Either way, this chain is making inroads in the highly competitive business. One way to increase sales and gain attention is to introduce a rewards program that is eye catching. The restaurant is also known for unique phrasing to attract attention. An example is their product known as chicken fingers, or in Zaxby’s spelling “Chicken Fingerz”, The recent reward program featured those items along with several others.

Zaxby’s introduced a welcome offer. This is targeted toward new customers. It offered a free meal which is normally not part of a rewards program. The meal is the Big Zak Snak meal in keeping with catchy titles. Participants receive three of those previously mentioned Chicken Fingerz, Zak sauce, Texas Toast, Crinkle Fries, and a small drink.

This was all part of introducing a new app which has proven to be very successful. Use is way up with a rewards program that is easy to earn points and redeem them. Management wants to make it simple and rewarding to eat at the restaurant.

QSR Magazine tracks apps for these fast-food restaurants. Recently Zaxby’s came to their attention in a major way. The publication tracks what they call app engagement. That basically means customers who use the restaurant’s app. They are the most loyal customers and most likely to provide repeat business along with online reviews.

App engagement dramatically increased in 2022. This is all part of an upgraded Rewards Program for the chain and its over 900 locations in 17 states. Rewards such as the free meal and easy access to claiming rewards have clearly paid off. Business is up and likely to continue to rise. Those app users will promote the business and bring new customers to the restaurant. See related link for additional information.


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