Alliance Defending Freedom: Upholding Liberty and Defending Rights

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a highly respected legal advocacy group that fights for people’s rights to freedom of religion, unfettered access to reproductive health care, free expression, and parental rights. Through strategic litigation, training, and public advocacy, Alliance Defending Freedom has established itself as a frontrunner in defending individual liberty. Thanks to its multifaceted team of attorneys and related experts, the organization has persistently championed legal issues and activities that shape the landscape of religious freedom and individual rights.

Alliance Defending Freedom is dedicated to protecting people’s constitutionally protected freedom of religion against infringement by the government. Their efforts span several fronts, including protecting parental rights, the right to free expression, and the sacredness of human life.

Recognizing the importance of religious freedom as a bedrock of democratic countries, ADF actively engages in legal battles to protect it. The group has vigorously supported the rights of individuals, churches, and faith-based groups to openly practice their religion and participate in civic life through litigation and advocacy.

ADF also created the Center for Life, which combats abortion and defends the sanctity of life. From the moment of conception until the moment of death, ADF advocates for the protection of all human life. They push for policies that uphold people’s inherent worth and dignity and back efforts to save the lives of the unborn.

ADF deeply values the right to freely share one’s thoughts and opinions because it promotes understanding and cooperation among people. Particularly in public discourse and religious expression, the group vigorously protects individuals who face restriction or penalty for expressing their ideas.

ADF fights to protect parental rights because it recognizes parents’ importance in their children’s development and growth. They fight to protect parents’ rights to decide about their children’s health, education, and well-being without undue governmental or other intervention.

Alliance Defending Freedom takes a strategic approach to litigation to safeguard religious freedom and individual rights, picking cases strategically. Their lawyers are experts at deciphering the law and have contested cases up to the United States Supreme Court.

ADF’s primary mission is litigation, but it also places a premium on preparing the next generation of lawyers. Their Blackstone Legal Fellowship and ADF Academy programs equip the next generation of lawyers to defend fundamental liberties, including religious liberty and equal protection under the law. Visit this channel on YouTube, to learn more.


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