An Overview Of Edgard Coronas Career And Success

Edgard Corona is a well-known name in the health and fitness industry. He is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Smart Fit and Bio Ritmo. He was born in Sao Paulo and attained a chemical engineering degree from FAAP. While in college, he practiced his entrepreneurial skills by running a material analysis lab and selling clothes. That allowed him to study clients’ demands and identify how to meet them best.

After graduation, he worked at his grandfather’s alcohol and sugar plant until it experienced issues that led to its closure. That gave him the idea to turn a gym that belonged to his family into a swimming pool business. However, he experienced a skiing accident that required a lot of physical therapy.

He spent a lot of time in the gym, which is when he thought of creating a gym to suit his needs better. In 1996, he founded Bio Ritmo, a place for athletes to learn techniques that would help improve their performances. Focusing on learning from his mistakes and other people’s experiences, he opened a gym branch in Avenida Paulista, intending to offer a new experience.

As the business grew, Edgard Corona started focusing on how he would improve his clients’ gym experience. He also wanted to offer service even to people with lower incomes, which is where the idea to found Smart Fit came from.

He founded it in 2008 after attending numerous conferences abroad, making Bio Ritmo a group. One of the main things that has fueled the organization’s success is that they do what similar companies don’t. They created a business model that helped them converse resources while improving their clients’ experiences. In addition to affordable service offerings, Edgard Corona has an affordable clothing line that allows everybody to look confident in the gym. That has made him globally recognized as an industry leader, with more businesses starting to implement his business model.

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