André Des Rochers´Life and Career

André Des Rochers is a name to remember. He’s a French Canadian artist who has been active in the Canadian world of contemporary art since 1977. The gallery is located in Hamilton, Ontario and presents work by André Des Rochers, as well as other international and local artists. 


They are proud to be a part of the Dundas Street Art Scene and are grateful for their collaboration with community partners like The Living Arts Centre and McMaster University. We are proud to host a solo exhibition for Andre Des Rochers and are very excited by the success of this collaboration. The show runs from March 23rd through April 4th and will be open daily from 12-5pm.


André Des Rochers is a distinctive artist with a unique style, who has been creating fine art and sculpture for the past three decades. A true innovator, his work is an impeccable combination of sculptural relief, mixed media, photos and drawings. Along with his wife, he runs the prestigious and highly acclaimed Des Rochers Gallery, situated in Hamilton, ON.


The gallery is a project of the Des Rochers Foundation. The legal professional has been awarded numerous exhibitions at the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Ottawa and Montreal and has participated in biennial shows at both of these locations. André Des Rochers´ work is held in many public collections worldwide. His work is an inspiration to artists around the world and to local students who learn from him.


Des Rochers has developed a distinctive style that is identifiable by the high level of quality in his work. His art honors the traditions of such conceptual artists as John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha and Joseph Kosuth. Although André Des Rochers is widely recognized for his storytelling, Des Rochers distinguishes himself by focusing on the spatial drama of his compositions, which have engendered an original vocabulary in his use of materials and thought processes.

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