Bernard Acoca

Bernard Acoca is the Zaxby’s CEO, the must-have casual dining restaurant chain. It’s been quite a journey from his humble beginnings in the restaurant industry to being worth billions of dollars and becoming one of America’s favorite restaurants.

Acoca has always been a problem-solver, starting with a cooking job at age 15 and eventually moving up to his current position as the CEO of Zaxby’s Chicken. He is like one of those who keep coming up with little ways to help your life. When he worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken, he knew they needed a better chicken option, so he went home and created Zaxby’s.

When working at KFC, Bernard Acoca had heard about the fast-food industry’s problems with food quality and employee consistency. So, he devised this solution: hiring only high school students in his restaurant chain. Because high schoolers are so new to the work world, they don’t know any better and won’t tolerate anything bad from their boss, so the food quality is much higher. Another way that Acoca has helped out its customers is by making its food delivery service Cincy Tails, available for lunch which makes the customers’ lives easier because it means that not only can you eat at Zaxby’s but also get your lunch delivered there as well.

The Zaxby’s CEO also started Zaxby’s Recipe Club to help people cook their meals from a deep fryer. His mother, who used to do this with him, inspired him. She taught him how to cook so much more than just fried chicken. It is also a great way for people to deal with the new healthy trend in America: “eating healthy.” Acoca saw that people wanted to eat healthy, so he started a way for them to cook healthier fried chicken, which is the recipe club. He came up with the idea of frying his chicken “better” than anyone else by using less oil and salt and making it healthier.

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