Diogo Corona: aim is to help users achieve their health and fitness goals

Diogo Corona is the CEO of TotalPass. It is an online fitness platform that provides users with different workouts and other health, wellness, and lifestyle services. He also is a frequent guest speaker at universities, entrepreneurial conferences, symposiums, and seminars.

TotalPass has partnerships with various professionals in their fields, from nutritionists to personal trainers. The aim of the partnerships is to provide users with a variety of professionals and help them get closer to their health and fitness goals.

The aim of the fitness platform is to help users achieve their health and fitness goals. Through a variety of different means, the members can achieve their fitness goals. The platform provides workouts such as total body, cardio, and high-intensity interval training. Users can also create unique customized workouts for themselves in order to achieve their fitness goals.

it is an online platform; therefore, it has social media integration. Social channels such as Twitter and Facebook are used to announce new services and promotions on the platform, thus maintaining membership growth. Diogo Corona is a hardworking and committed person. He started working at a gas station first but worked his way up to become an IT specialist in a Fortune 500 company.

After being promoted for many years, Diogo Corona achieved success in life and decided to quit as an IT head and focus on other ideas that he had. This is where his current job came into the picture. Diogo and his co-founder created TotalPass as an online platform for people to access various services to help them achieve their fitness goals. Corona has been featured in a number of newspapers, magazines, and blogs. His quotes have been published on multiple websites, blogs, and forums.

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