Disrupting the Norm: The Bold Entrepreneurship of Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is a well-known entrepreneur, speaker, and author known for her innovative business approach and focuses on social impact. She is the co-founder of THINX, a company that produces period-proof underwear, and Tushy, a bidet attachment for toilets.

Miki Agrawal career began in the advertising industry, where she worked for several major agencies before deciding to strike out independently. In 2011, she co-founded THINX, which aimed to provide a more comfortable and convenient solution for women during their periods.

The company quickly gained traction, and Agrawal was hailed as a pioneer for her work in the industry. Hence, she used her platform to advocate for equal rights and access to reproductive health services. In 2017, Agrawal co-founded Tushy, a company focused on making hygienic bathroom solutions more affordable and accessible.

Agrawal is also an acclaimed author, having published two books: Namely, Do Cool Sh*t, which looks at the power of entrepreneurship and risk-taking, and Disrupt-Her, a guide to help women embrace their inner disruptor. Moreover, Agrawal is an in-demand speaker who has appeared on high profile shows such as Oprah Winfrey

In addition to THINX, Agrawal also co-founded Tushy, a bidet attachment for toilets designed to promote better hygiene and reduce the use of toilet paper. This product, too, received a lot of attention and praise for its innovative approach to personal hygiene.

Miki Agrawal is also known for her focus on social impact and sustainability. Both THINX and Tushy are designed to make a positive impact on the environment, and Agrawal is a vocal advocate for sustainable business practices.

In addition to her business ventures, Miki Agrawal is also a sought-after speaker and author. She has written several books, including “Do Cool Sh*t” and “Disrupt-Her”, which share her insights and experiences as an entrepreneur. She also frequently speaks at conferences and events, sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

Despite her many accomplishments, Agrawal has also faced some controversy. In 2017, several former employees at THINX accused her of creating a toxic work environment and sexual harassment. Agrawal publicly apologized and stepped down from her role at the company.

Overall, Miki Agrawal is a highly accomplished entrepreneur who has significantly impacted the business world with her innovative products and focuses on social impact. While she has faced some controversy, her contributions to the industry and her efforts to promote sustainable business practices cannot be denied.


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