Don Manifold – The Boom of a Business Tycoon

With over 30 years of experience in the business world, Don Manifold has created a legacy as a successful business tycoon. Buckle up and learn all about his background, path, and business objectives.

The Journey to the Top

When Manifold was young, he grew up in a small city in Australia called Mount Gambier. Later, he moved to Adelaide; this is where he officially started his journey in the business world. He did not stay in Adelaide very long. After he found some success, he searched for more jobs in other cities like Melbourne, London, and Sydney.

Don Manifold continued his education after he found success. In 1991, he returned to Adelaide, attended Flinder’s University, and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. Many years later, he enrolled at the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney and graduated with an MBA.

Big Accomplishments

Throughout Don Manifold’s career, he built strong relationships with many companies in his field. Today, he continues to nurture these relationships. He has a position at the following companies:

• Whittles Body Corporate Management
• EC Carpets
• Hybrid Ag
• Ram Equipment
• ADX Depot

Don Manifold Today – All About Manifold Advisory Partners

Today, Manifold works with his team at Manifold Advisory Partner. Together, they led the way for various clients. Many businesses turn to Manifold when they:

• Have questions about possible business strategies
• Need a plan for the future
• Need help with sustainable practices
• Need a plan for an exit strategy.

Don Manifold’s: Twitter.

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