Edgard Corona: The Man Behind Smart Fit’s Expansion

Edgard Corona is a Brazilian entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Smart Fit, the largest fitness center chain in Latin America. Under his leadership, it has become a household name in the fitness industry, with over 800 locations across 13 countries. Corona’s vision for Smart Fit is to provide affordable fitness options to people often priced out of traditional gym memberships. He believes that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income or background. His approach to business is to stay nimble and adapt to changing market conditions.

Its success has been noticed, and the company is poised for further growth. In recent years, Smart Fit has expanded into Europe, with locations in Spain, Portugal, and Poland, and is also looking to expand into the United States. In an interview with the I-Hub Lounge, Corona spoke about how the company has been able to adapt and thrive in the face of the pandemic. He credits the company’s agility and ability to make quick decisions as key factors in its success.

The success of Edgard Corona is wider than just the fitness industry. He is also a successful investor with a diverse portfolio that includes real estate and technology startups. In a podcast interview, He shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship and diversifying one’s investments.

Smart Fit’s recent application for an initial public offering (IPO) has also generated buzz in the business world. Corona spoke about the impact of the IPO on the fitness industry and the potential for further growth and expansion. Corona’s success is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making fitness accessible to everyone. As it continues to expand and adapt to changing market conditions, the vision of Edgard Corona for affordable fitness options is becoming a reality for more people worldwide.

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