Empowering Business and Wellbeing Across Latin America with Diogo Corona

Diogo Corona, a prominent figure in the Brazilian entrepreneurial landscape, has made significant strides in the tech and startup sectors. He has more than ten years of experience in both fields. As the CEO of TotalPass and the Chief Operating Officer of Smart Fit, his influence spans various industries, creating a lasting impact on business and individual well-being.

Diogo has an MBA from the Insper Institute of Education and Research. He concentrates on Software as a Service (SaaS), mobile technology, and wellness businesses. His strategic investments underscore his contributions to the Latin American startup scene. He was pivotal in ZigPay’s growth by leading a R$40M angel round of funding, propelling a mobile payments company to success.

Diogo corona developed the TotalPass app, which reaches over 5,000 gyms and studios across Brazil and Mexico. Ambitious plans are in motion for further expansion across the expanse of Latin America. Within this app, he introduced an initiative known as Total Mind. It centers on mental health, offering online therapy sessions and guided meditation.

Diogo’s strategic acumen shines through his approach to optimizing employee benefits, particularly incorporating mental health services. This strategy drives reduced absenteeism, fosters better work habits, curbs turnover rates, and culminates in an overall boost to organizational performance, thereby contributing substantially to profit margins.

Diogo Corona also dedicates his energy to youth education by actively participating in volunteering and mentorship programs. This is evident in initiatives like the Mentoring Program of the Insper Institute. As a Smart Fit Board of Directors member, Diogo’s strategic insight influences the company’s overarching policies and direction. His presence adds depth to his impact beyond his immediate ventures.

Diogo Corona’s journey imparts valuable insights into adopting a holistic business approach, making strategic investments, innovating employee benefits, mentoring impact, board-level influence, cross-industry understanding, fostering long-term vision, and recognizing regional dynamics.

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