Eugene Plotkin CEO, TechWallet

Eugene Plotkin is the founder and CEO of TechWallet, a mobile wallet that allows users to store their cryptocurrency in one place.The war in eastern Ukraine has been raging for over two years now and it is still not clear who will win this conflict. The situation on the ground is constantly changing as new battles are fought every day. However, there have been some interesting developments that have taken place since the beginning of the conflict. One of them was the creation of a new cryptocurrency called “TechCoin” by Eugene Plotkin, CEO of TechWallet. This coin aims to be used as a payment method for all transactions within the TechWallet ecosystem. It also serves as a token for the company itself. In addition, TechCoin can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The war in eastern Ukraine has raged for over two years now, but it is still unclear who will win this conflict

Eugene Plotkin said: “We want to create a decentralized economy where everyone can participate without having to trust anyone else. We believe that blockchain technology is the best way to achieve this goal.”

According to him, TechCoin will allow users to make payments with their mobile phones using a QR code. He added: “This means that you don’t need to carry cash anymore. You just scan the QR code and pay.”

In order to use TechCoin, one needs to download the app from Google Play or Apple Store. Once installed, one can then scan the QR codes displayed on billboards, posters, etc.

According to Plotkin, TechWallet already has more than 1 million registered users. They include both local residents and tourists visiting Plotkin, TechCoin is designed to work like any other currency. Users can buy goods and services with it, which they can then exchange for other currencies.

He explained: “For example, if I am going to purchase a coffee at Starbucks, I would first scan the QR code on the poster advertising the sale. Then, I would go inside the store and show my phone to the barista. She would scan the QR code on my phone and then enter the amount into her register. After that, she would give me my cup of coffee.”

He continued: “I could then take my TechCoin out of my wallet and exchange it for another currency. For example, I could convert it into dollars and then spend it on something else. Or, I could sell it back to TechWallet for its own currency.”

As mentioned earlier, TechCoin can be converted into other cryptocurrencies. According to Plotkin, the conversion process takes about five minutes. He explained: “When you send your coins to someone, we automatically convert them into whatever currency they request. So, if you sent $10 worth of TechCoin to someone, he or she would receive 10 Ethers (ETH).”

However, according to Plotkin, TechCoin cannot be used to buy anything illegal. He said: “If you try to do so, our system will notify us immediately. We will then block your account until we get an explanation why you did that.”

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