Greg Aziz, Cascade Systems´s President

Greg Aziz is an entrepreneur who founded YackMe, a website that provides reviews and opinions on restaurants, shops and other tourist destinations. He later co-founded LivingSocial, which provides coupons for goods and services in the United States. Aziz also owns The Radish Group (established in 1989).


This is his company that engages in various media ventures. Business mentor and coach Greg Aziz has helped people from all around the world through these businesses of his. The outstanding serial entrepreneur and mentor´s achievements are extraordinary considering he grew up with a disability which hindered him from most sports or physical activity as well as experiences like playing ‘cops’ with friends or going to the park by himself. 


Business mentor Greg Aziz always had a strong sense of determination which pushed him to where he is today. He was born in the mid-1960s, in Beirut, Lebanon. He contracted Polio as an infant, which left him paralyzed indefinitely from the waist down. Aziz grew up during one of the most violent wars on Earth and survived many close calls where he should have been killed. 


Philanthropist Award for Greg Aziz

In 1975, when he was 10 years old, a massive civil war broke out in Lebanon and his family fled across the border to Syria. As a 13-year-old refugee, Aziz’s father went back to Lebanon for a week to get their property but only received a brief note that said “gone forever”.


While in Syria, Greg Aziz’s mother had to work multiple jobs to support the family. During this period, Greg was tormented by the fact he could not attend school like his siblings. Greg Aziz informs how his brothers and sisters would quiz him on what they learned in school that day, but he had to remain mystified at all these interesting things they were talking about. 


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