Hanif Lalani Advises Leaders on Effective Communication

Hanif Lalani is a known author and business executive who focuses a lot of attention on leadership and communication. Lalani has received numerous international recognitions due to his excellence in the telecommunication sector. Currently, he is working on building high-speed internet services for developing countries.

Ten years after he joined BT Group, he got offered an executive position as finance director. While this meant relocating to Northern Ireland, it gave him an opportunity to push his career. In his journey of growth as a leader, Lalani has found the necessity for emotional intelligence. Leading others is not about reading them and showing authority but learning how to deal with each person.

When you develop emotional intelligence, you can identify the best way to communicate with them effectively. When you deal with each person according to their level, they will most likely relate to and accept what you say. You should also learn patterns in your communication to know the areas you are failing in and how to improve them.

Another aspect of communication that Hanif emphasizes is clarity. With society adapting to remote working, more companies fall into the dilemma of how to pass information effectively. While research shows that face-to-face communication is the best, it may not always be an option. Therefore, you need to find the best method for each situation. For example, urgent messages may require a phone call rather than an email. Consequently, you need to find what works best and seek to pass information with as much clarity as possible.

Hanif Lalani’s birth and early childhood began in Uganda. The early days were all pleasant until Idi Amin started to cause trouble for the foreigners. When things worsened, his parents relocated to Yorkshire in the United Kingdom and started their new life in a council house. Lalani began his career as a graduate trainee right after graduating from university. He worked his way up the ladder, and over three decades later, he is now a high-level executive.

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