Hawkers Under the Leadership of Alejandro Betancourt Innovates Advanced Lenses Accessible Through a Subscription Model

When four university associates thought of launching an eyewear company that could produce affordable sunglasses, Hawkers, they never knew the journey that had awaited them. However, Pablo Sanchez, Iñaki Soriano, David, and Alex Moreno knew that venturing into the industry meant competing with distinguished brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Ray-Ban. They had done extensive research on the brands and had realized that it took a little amount of money to create sunglasses but cost an arm and leg. The quartet sought to distinguish its products by selling at a reduced price in the market.

The company’s sunglasses are produced at a similar facility where top-ranked brands are produced. The biggest and most famous designer eyewear firm known as Luxottica owns the facility. Alex Moreno in partnership with his LA-based friend, Caleb Garret credited the company’s success to their customer transparency and simplicity of their product. Over the years, Hawkers has attracted sponsorships from prominent companies such as Usher, PlayStation, LA Lakers, and Mercedes-Benz thus spending a minimal amount of money on traditional methods of advertising. The company under the leadership of Alejandro Betancourt earned a global reputation by concentrating and perfecting on a single product.

Currently, the company pays keen interest in product enhancement with lens varieties, eco-friendly designs, and new colorings. Additionally, the company under the distinguished leadership of Alejandro Betancourt has also expanded its product line by advanced contact lenses that can be acquired through a subscription model. Alejandro Betancourt attended the prominent Suffolk University based in Massachusetts where earned two degrees in Business Administration and Economics. Immediately after his university studies, Alejandro Betancourt commenced his extensive career in management. Initially, he was employed by BGB Energy and shortly after the Guruceaga Group, a commodities trading firm. Later on, he was appointed to the position of Latin American commercial manager for ICC-OEOC based in the U.K.

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