How Yubo is Implementing Online Safety

Yubo has had enormous success among Generation Z, an age group of people who have grown up during the internet era. As a social discovery platform, we connect young users in real time, helping them make new friends. Besides, we have implemented various safeguards on the application to provide a secure environment for our users, which has distinguished us as global leaders in online safety.

With the aim of ensuring consumer safety, Yubo has adopted the following approaches:

Real-time social video intervention has enabled our moderators to monitor user content during live streams and warn them with pop-up messages in case they display anything against our community guidelines.

Also, we have collaborated with a digital identity company like Yoti, which makes it easier for users to prove who they are. These verification solutions have been integrated into our application to limit interaction between teens and adults and only allow verified users to access the app.

Yubo includes AI-powered audio moderation technology that can evaluate massive volumes of data. As a result, it has become easier to detect and address undesirable content, such as hate speech.

We provide users with tools to keep themselves safe. This includes muted words, a feature that allows users to control who can talk to them, and custom swipes that display content based on their preferences. Additionally, Yubo’s lock and report functions allow blocking or reporting other users and content that violates the community guidelines.

Our team of safety specialists is dedicated to making Yubo as safe and supportive as possible. We are available to respond to reports concerning offensive behaviors that may occur during a live stream. Our safety hub serves as the foundation for our decisions. It comprises international industry professionals who provide important advice on proactive safety practices. It also specifies community guidelines, which help establish user conduct standards.

Today, Yubo continues to develop new solutions that keep people safe as they navigate the digital world.

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