Hughes Marino Buyer Representation Services

Realizing the commercial buyer representation industry was ripe for a change, Hughes Marino separated itself from the classic brokerage strategy. The firm became innovative in tenant representation by upholding those without much clout — standing up for groups who had not been offered an even balance when negotiating commercial space against expert landlords.


These days, Hughes Marino’s standing as one of the nation’s most beloved tenant representation organizations is undisputed. The helm of this outstanding representation firm is shared between the couple Chairman & CEO, and Shay Hughes, President & COO. Being owned entirely by their relatives renders them not have any afterthought regarding shareholders. 


As a result, their utmost responsibility lies in guarding their customers’ concerns, which they do extremely well. Throughout the years, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm has developed a cooperative and human-oriented atmosphere. Overall, an atmosphere that encourages invention. As a company owned by families and regionally operated, our squad believes in forming long-term faith-based associations. We nourish those alliances by looking after the individuals behind the establishments and charitable organizations.


Also, local administrations that make our areas tremendous for life, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. On top of everything, the qualities that make us stand out from other firms are our ten Core Values that lead all of our actions. Each individual in the Hughes Marino team holds these values dearly, as they strive for perfection and constantly do what is right for our customers, business, and collective.


Carved from a humble beginning in San Diego, our lease administration services company has enhanced to deliver commercial buyer representation activities to customers throughout the country, from Honolulu to Seattle to New York City – and everywhere in between. Over the years, at Hughes Marino we’ve proved that concentrating only on patrons and purchasers is not just a narrow area of focus – it’s the future wave for our industry.

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