Jonas Lauren Norr is a Startup Founder

Jonas Lauren Norr is a startup founder that believes in loyalty and upholding a lifelong friendship.

Jonas Lauren Norr started his first business, Fullstack Academy, with one of his best friends in high school. Ever since then, they’ve focused on the future, dreaming of changing the future of education. Norr found Fullstack Academy with another friend and has created some of the most progressive approaches to learning today. Jonas’ latest venture is LessonPaths, an online course marketplace he made alongside his third partner Dave Levin. LessonPaths sells courses from top university professors worldwide and gives students access to any subject at an affordable price—much like Napster did for music decades ago.

After graduating from college, Norr recognized that most current education offered wants to teach quickly and inexpensively. Focused on discovering new ways to serve better the same people who are already doing, he’s been creating a community of like-minded people to build something big. Today, he continues to envision new ways education should be and is applying his entrepreneurial experience and drive to create an extraordinary future for LessonPaths.

When asked about his entrepreneurial journey, Jonas said, “After my co-founders and I saw firsthand how our education impacted the rest of our lives, we knew we had to help others do that. This will always be just a starting point for me, and I know that I’ll never stop learning or teaching now that I’ve started down this path.”

He’s not a man of many words, but he means something when he does speak up. He believes in a good balance between working hard and enjoying life; he stays true to those values daily with his close friends and family. What he does is work toward something that he believes in and then hope for the best.

Jonas has a core team of two people: his brother, Dalton Norr, one of the co-founders of LessonPaths, and his business partner, Dave Levin. The two men believe this company needs to be around for a long time, ensuring it will be there for future generations. They want the company not only to be around but eventually become profitable and self-sustaining. This is the goal for the company, and understanding what it takes to achieve that goal is something they try to take on with others who want the same thing.

Jonas and Dalton are brothers who had their ups when they were younger and their downs as well. They’ve learned through these life experiences to make sure they always keep moving forward and look forward because, in life, you never know how long it will last or where it will lead them. Each day they learn more about what they want from life and each other.

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