Juan Monteverde On Being a Successful Lawyer

Juan Monteverde is a New York City based attorney and founder of Monteverde & Associates PC where he practices National Class Action Law with a focus on issues important to investors and consumers. His firm made the Top 50 Class Action Securities firm list in 2019 and he has been awarded Top Rated Lawyer by Martindale-Hubble and earned the New York Metro Rising Star award in Securities Litigation by Super Lawyers.

Juan Monteverde received a B.S in Finance awarded by California State University of Northridge and then his J.D from St. Thomas University School of Law, here he graduated cum laude. He spent a decade working for a number of law firms, where he run the merges and acquisitions department.

During this time, he was inspired to venture off on his own and start his own practice that specialized in mergers and acquisition with a focus on protecting shareholders. His vast experience in shareholder rights has allowed him to become a successful trusted name in law.

Juan Monteverde prides himself on standing up for shareholders, so much that he only gets paid when his clients earn a favorable settlement. He has found success with this model and was able to attract more clients using target marketing and press releases. At the beginning, he relied on past clients from his former law firms who gave him great referrals, allowing him to cement his place as a well known mergers and acquisitions lawyer. Always ahead of the curve, he presently also enlists the internet to reach clients who need his services.

Juan Monteverde believes that the key to success is to remain ahead of deadlines. He believes that getting work done in a timely manner removes stressors and allows lawyers to focus on winning the case for their clients, earning clients trust. Refer to this page for additional information

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