Krishen Iyer: Biography and Career Success

Krishen Iyer is a successful businessman with experience in marketing, distribution, accusation, and insurance. He grew up in Central California and attended San Diego University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development



Iyer began his career in the insurance sector shortly after graduating. The work entailed managing lead companies, digital marketing, and insurance sales. He is the founder and owner of MAIS Consulting, an Encinitas-based business that offers multiple services to other organizations. The serial entrepreneur began work at MAIS Consulting from 2016 to 2020. 


The company provides marketing, distribution, technology services, and insurance contracting solutions. MAIS focuses on specific client needs by developing targeted strategies and policies and running campaigns to help them achieve clients’ goals. Through the experience gained from his career, Krishen Iyer formed, managed, and sold various companies. Shortly after MAIS Consulting, Iyer established Managed Benefits Services. 


What Iyer Believes about Supporting Businesses

One important thing that Krishen Iyer believes in is engaging in societal activities and creating healthy relationships with family and friends. He is a man of the people who supports business endeavors and appreciates success. Value is an essential factor to him, and he spends quality time doing charitable work, like serving in charitable projects such as:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Wounded Warrior Project, and Corazon de Vida.  He has also been instrumental in helping areas struck by natural disasters through his charitable work. Krishen Iyer believes in family values, which is evident in how he loves and treasures his family. He dedicates time to his work to offer the best life to his loved ones. Kreshien Is also passionate about soccer, gym, traveling, tennis, and finance.

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