Krishen Iyer on upcoming trends in 2023 and the rise of B2B marketing

Marketer and businessman Krishen Iyer reflects on what 2023 will entail, among the trends he sees going forward into the year; he sees marketing becoming very crucial in 2023 and beyond. When it comes to B2B marketing, he sees data, branding, and influencer marketing being the keys. 


The business expert Krishen Iyer has founded several insurance and consulting companies in his career. His main focus today is with MAIS Consulting, a full-service consulting firm in La Jolla, California. The marketer is a graduate of San Diego State University and has been working in Cali for quite some years. 


His latest company, MAIS, earned first-round financing from companies and provided insurance to people. Krishen Iyer believes what companies need to do to be successful in today’s time is through analyzing and using data to find out about what their customers like and respond to them. 


Brands will need the right tools to leverage and use the data to their own benefit though. Some challenges have come from the lack of cookies and newly implemented laws to protect users’ privacy. Krishen Iyer sees the rise of digital marketing with many creators coming from TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter. 


Popular influencers can help raise a company’s stature and give them more credibility as the business leader Krishen Iyer recalls. To him, brand advocacy remains critical to a business. This includes outside chatter among the public and fans of a brand and being a part of these discussions. Iyer states digital marketing will be the next big thing for businesses and the like going into 2023. 

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