Krishen Iyer Uses CEO Skills To Help Others Advance

CEO Krishen Iyer is a California native who has a diverse background in mergers, acquisitions, marketing, and more. As the current CEO of Mais Consulting, he has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable digital marketing gurus in the industry. Not long after graduating from high school, Iyer attended San Diego State University and received a B.A. in Public Administration. 


He used what he learned to dive right into consulting, insurance, and lead management. Using his 20 years of expertise, Krishen Iyer was able to form and build his own companies. His current company, MAIS Consulting, handles a wide array of health insurance duties including contracting, marketing, and technology. 


They go far beyond their mission. Their goal is to help all companies thrive and provide them with the proper tools for success. When Krishen Iyer is not utilizing his immense skills as a digital marketing guru, he is spending time with his family. Iyer will tell you that he is a well-balanced person who uses his time wisely. 

“My family is very important to me. I work hard at spending as much time with them as I do in the boardroom.” Krishen Iyer is also a member of charitable organizations like Make A Wish and The Wounded Warrior Project. He also loves to travel, ski, and play chess in his spare time.

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